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Ever since the news broke about Jennifer Lawrence’s pictures leaking, I’ve been seeing so many posts from people saying how horrifying what happened to her is, how she and the other celebs who are currently involved in this case were more than entitled to take those pictures, how what happened was such an invasion of privacy. Even a few months ago when Dylan Sprouse’s photos were leaked, or a couple weeks ago when Calum Hood’s pictures leaked. Everyone was raving on how “maturely” they handled things, and how despicable is when someone’s PRIVATE photographs are put out for the world to see just because some sleazeball wants to get money out of it. And they’re right!!! 

But WHERE was all this when Vanessa Hudgens went through this 7 years ago?! When pictures she took dating 3 years prior to their release, aka TEN YEARS AGO, were leaked? When HER privacy was violated? Photos who by the way can be considered as child pornography since she was underage. Pictures people STILL bring up even today (I often see them posted in her tag). WHERE was all this public outrage when a 17-18 year old girl had to APOLOGIZE for SOMEONE ELSE VIOLATING HER PRIVACY?!

WHERE was this public outrage when EVERYONE made fun of her? When every single media outlet dissed her? When DANE COOK of all people humiliated her publicly at the Teen Choice awards in front of THOUSANDS of people that were there and MILLIONS who watched it from TV. 

Just because Vanessa is not an Oscar winner means she deserved all that? And how can she be an Oscar winner when her career took such a hit at it’s earlier stages because of what happened to her? She’s an amazing actress and has proved so in all her recent movies like Frozen Ground and Gimme Shelter, but people are hesitant to recognize it because she is who she is! NOBODY deserves what Vanessa has been through and STILL goes through. Because let’s not forget the utter stupidity and immaturity of some people, when a few days ago started tweeting those pictures to Vanessa because she posted a Charlie Chaplin quote on her twitter saying that “Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul” 

I’m glad that Jennifer and everyone else who had that happen to them are getting the respect they deserve after what happened to them. But the fact remains. Vanessa became the sacrificial lamb for that to happen, 7 years ago. She suffered major consequences (Disney even threatened to fire her back then) after having the exact same thing happen to her like all these stars today and the reaction was completely different. People STILL hold those pictures against her. She STILL gets slut shamed over something she did a decade ago, when she was a teenager, when other celebrities,mature adults, get a free pass. 

The list of famous people who had naked pictures leaked to the press is big: Scarlet Johansson, Haylie Williams, Pete Wentz, Blake Lively, Paris Hilton, Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, Adrienne Bailon, Heather Morris, Prince Harry, Dylan Sprouse, Olivia Munn, Christina Aguilera, Amber Rose, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Leighton Meester, Kat Dennings, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Christina Hendricks, Ashley Greene…

But NONE of them received the public scrutiny and major backlash on their careers like Vanessa. Everyone seems to forget about those pictures but in Vanessa’s case they never let it go. They keep reposting them on a daily basis.

EVERYONE deserves RESPECT when something like that happens to them. It’s a traumatizing experience that no one should have to go through. When your privacy gets breached in the worst way possible you deserve sympathy and love and not random people shaming you, making things even worse. 

The fact that Vanessa had her photos leaked 3 times and not just once because other people had to gain from exploiting her in the worst way possible is despicable. And she deserves the same respect and outrage all the other people got. She doesn’t deserve the slut shaming and the hate she’s been getting all these years. 

Stop the double standard! Just because you might not like someone doesn’t mean they deserve to constantly be reminded of something horrible that happened to them years ago and something immature people who think it’s funny keep bringing up. Put yourself in her shoes and imagine how horrific it is.

I’m glad our society has progressed so much that we’re FINALLY able to understand and support people when they go through this, but we should extend that courtesy to EVERYONE.

I’m closing this post with a relevant pop culture reference:

Let it gooooooooo let it goooooooooooooo!

Because she’s more than just a photograph. 

(inspired by this)

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