Coachella 2014 ♥ Weekend 1, 11th April - 13th April

Ferris wheel!!!!! #coachellafoeva

Vanessa Hudgens At McDonald’s & Stingray Desert Pool Party (April 12)

HOW did my latest gif set get 200+ notes? O.O

❝ Vanessa Hudgens slays them all at Coachella — Everyone (via reveengrand)

I can’t! I can’t! The perfection is TOO much!

Sun ready in our @emmaoclothing1 dresses with my beauty @vanessahudgens 🌜🌞🌛 #coachella

CoachelllAA @stellahudgens

I’m a happy camper. All I need is some Coachella and some bubbles ;)

Anonymous: Where do you make your gifs?

I have two programs that I’m using. I either use free video to gif converter or Aoao video to gif. And I edit, color etc on photoshop cs6 Portable extended