She’s here! How crazy amazing does our Bongo Girl vanessahudgens look?!

lovely-student: can u please sum up the story about zanessa ?


Zac’s publicist has leaked damaging information about Nessa to the press. (aka her nudes)

They told Zac to break up with her because she wasn’t “good” for his career and he had to get rid of her to become “more famous” if you know what i mean.

"Vanessa Hudgens has been an obsessive target of Gina Hoffman’s since around 2007 to present time due to Gina’s fear that Vanessa will gain more attention than her client Zac Efron, and the attached timeline will showcase how Gina Hoffman, and or Jason Barrett are ultimately responsible for the release of Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures."

"He was on the phone with Zac at a popular restaurant in Los Angeles, CA I guess Vanessa was on her way the next day from Florida and he was telling Zac he needed to drop Vanessa for good because it was killing his image and his popularity and he needed to attract the male audience, or he would lose his career chances."











Woman takes a photo of herself every day for a year, chronicling the affects of an abusive relationship.

This is heartbreaking. You can see the happiness and hope slip from her eyes with every shot.

tw domestic abuse

this is heartbreaking tbh

Don’t stop reblogging. Women are better than this to stay with men who do this. Stay strong. Know your worth.

The sign she holds up at the end is in Croatian, it reads, “help me, I don’t know if I can wait for tomorrow.”

I gasped at the end.

That was hard to watch.

I’m crying

Nobody deserves this. Man or woman. If you are being abused, please, look for help. There IS someone there for you.

reblogging for the third time 

Always reblog this. It’s heartbreaking

Vanessa Hudgens Extended EckoRed Commercial

I’m a happy camper. All I need is some Coachella and some bubbles ;)


Lana Del Rey songs make me feel sad and nostalgic about things that haven’t happened to me

@skrillex killlllllledd itt. So good.


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Hope. Her name is Hope.

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